Studio Bar «City» - our story we write together with you!

city glavnayaCity ... For someone - this is a common English word, which is called the city and business centers. And for all the residents and guests of Vinnytsia it is a special restaurant. And not only because there is delicious food which is always waiting for you, the best sushi in town, colorful cocktails, excellent service and many other surprises. «City» is not just a restaurant, but the whole history of the city and its citizens ...

For 11 years, countless times people were united by love, gives birth to new families, grew stronger partnerships, tied friendships, there were memorable meeting of old friends and new acquaintances, family gatherings were held and stormy discussion of football matches and the situation in the country - every minute of life " City »rages at a frantic pace, because the institution itself is alive. The restaurant has its own atmosphere and soul, their dignity and pride, loyal friends, and those who even can be called "permanent residents."

The motto of the studio bar «City» is a meeting place for stars. If you are out on the opportunity to meet with Ruslana, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Oleg Skripka, Tina Karol, Irina Bilyk and Valery Meladze do not worry that there will be something to talk about. At least one common theme «City» you have for sure. Most of the artists attending Vinnytsia rest and gain strength before and after their solo concerts in Vinnytsia. And despite the huge number of well-known names among its guests, "a meeting place for stars" studio bar «City» has become quite for different reasons. For each employee, from the cooks and waiters, and ending with the administrator and director, you are a real star. For each visitor to «City» is constantly changing and improving, giving residents of interesting trends of restaurant art. At its time «City» one of the first showed to residents a true taste of Japanese cuisine to these days holds the title of the best sushi bars of the city, because there is always guaranteed not only delicious but also perfectly fresh and quality food. In 2008 thanks to the «City» residents learned what cherished good hiding behind unfamiliar word "catering". "Restaurant on wheels" or for the simple fact, visiting the organization of large-scale buffet or a narrow family holiday, realized the dream of all housewives and prestigious companies. By getting rid of the annoying obligations stand at the stove and worry that guests are satisfied, people finally got an opportunity to have fun on their own holidays. A friendly team of «City» is always willing to help you to organize an unforgettable barbecue and picnic, homemade birthday party, fabulous children's birthday party, professional presentation, an exclusive reception for dignitaries and corporate enchanting for your favorite co-workers. In addition in «City» you will always find interesting novelties of Ukrainian and European cuisine, attractive promotional offers and the fact that people often look for restaurants with a comfortable feeling of home. "We are happy that experiencing with all our visitors and customers their important and memorable dates and daily lunch and dinner, we really become true friends. For us «City» is our family. Everyone is welcomed to become a part of it. "

Oksana Zbaraschuk, director of the studio bar «City».


+38 (093) 887-55-33, (0432) 56-14-06

Vinnytsia, Khmelnytske Shose str. 85

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